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As members, those who love writing and illustrating, will be able to craft collaboratively in a most unique way. This concept seems more interesting than the usual suspects out there. I'm going to drop a link here to a spot where this is explained in much greater detail. 💡
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I have added a story here that I wrote a long time ago. I have broken it into several parts so anyone interested can take off with the story and head off in any direction they wish. In fact, the main character has hardly been described, so this truly is open to go anywhere.
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""Then, centering the mask on your face where you want it positioned, pinch the two straps behind one ear with your fingers. That would be the place where you would want to secure and trim off the excess strap. When we made ours here at the shop, we simply sewed the strap at that spot and then trimmed off the excess. The other ear should be the same unless your ears are in different places on your head." Carole looks at both of Thomas' ears by tilting her head from side to side and continued, "lo"
This passage is from the seed entitled What All of This Means
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