Character Development Is Where We Are
We have been working on the character development tools that are to be incorporated within the TWIG platform.
author: GaryNMaine
date written: Saturday, January 30, 2016
distribution: The World

The idea, here, is to give authors the ability to develop characters within the TWIG framework so that segment writers will have ready access to character information.
The problem here is that character information is ever changing. At the point where a character is added to a story, whether it be immediately along with the initial seed, or later on when a new character is needed by a segment author in furtherance of their story ideas, this character will probably be alive. This could very well change three segments down on one arm of your collaborative work, or seven segments down on another arm of your collaborative work.
Segment authors should find it reasonably helpful to know who the characters are and whether they are still viable to use in the segment they are planning to write. Remember: This same segment author may have written another segment in the same story, somewhere else, where a particular character was alive there, but is not alive in this thread. To me, this would be one of the main stumbling blocks: being able to keep track of the status of the characters when moving from some story thread to another story thread.
We would also like to encourage illustrators to draw up the characters in more scenes and in portraits to popular listings of the characters. Just makes things so much more pleasant. Need to have incentive and all be have is the meager incentive of scoring, and high placement. So, we will incorporate this into the character development area.
Once we have this functioning as we hope it will, I will more my attention to the story follower style of anecdotes. Still kind of thinking of how to do this. The reason is that it may not always be reasonable to expect that a writer will want to read back through an entire thread to get the gist of what is going on. If the seed or segment writer could do some anecdotal statements about their seed or segment, it might help those following to write better segments. And, we all want that.
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