Although the site is not perfect, I think we can safely say that everything should work as we intend.
author: ZackP
date written: Monday, September 12, 2016
distribution: The World

Really, there is not much to say except that the site seems ready to go. There are a few things we will need to do before we can get things really going. And here they are:
* Remove the test data that we have been using to help us find problems and fix them.
* Present a story so that the site will not be totally without content. Looks icky when it is totally blank 😉
As an admin I can see a lot of the administrative stuff needs to be updated, but that can wait because all of this stuff works now.
At this point, we can do the few things mentioned above and prepare to do a video for the first story. Probably want to do the video before we take the test stuff down. So, we will do a video or two and then we will be ready to have this site go live. Okay?
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