Collaboration Helpers: Marginal Annotations
Annotations are simply notes of explanation or comment added to a text or diagram. (google)
author: GaryNMaine
date written: Saturday, February 6, 2016
distribution: The World

We will be adding annotations to TWIG in the near future. Some of these things that we are discussing now are things that we decided that TWIG needed after the setting of Summer 2016 as when we hope to have this up and running. Adding Character Development and Annotations has maybe extended this time out a ways. I guess we'll see. We are all pretty excited about the progress we are making, but we're simply not sure exactly when we can get this project finished.
Annotations. Why spend time with annotations?
A lot of our time is spent thinking of ways to make segment writing easier. For instance, we have added a 'character development' area where seed and segment authors can set up the characters that are appearing in the seed or segment they are writing. For segment authors, they only need to add characters if they are adding new characters, and maybe write a bit of character detailing if they kill off a character or leave them incapacitated ;') By adding character development, authors will be assured that they gave every advantage to those who follow them.
Same with annotations I would guess. Annotations would be the 'tl;dr' of story telling. Give it to me quick and dirty.
"Clive fell off a ladder and broke his leg." (might require character detailing as well)
"The stock market crashed and the town lost everything."
"The brigade, now under the command of Corporal Mulligan, proceeded up the winding road."
We have set annotations to be a maximum length of 250 characters for each annotation, of which many can be written for any seed or segment. 250 characters should be enough space to convey a simple summary of an important event.
Annotations are written by the seed and segment authors for specific seeds and segments they author. There are no limits to the number of annotations an author can use, but the idea should be to keep annotations brief.
At this point in web development, the table for annotations has been built, but may require additions as we move along on this. Right now, not much has been done yet, except a lot of thought experimentation.
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