Closing In On the Finish
A summary of where we are and what you might see showing up here soon.
author: barb
date written: Friday, August 19, 2016
distribution: The World

Two weeks ago we halted progress for a short time to create a tool we could use to add sample text to our database to see how the site would look with appropriate text. The tool we created is called the Short Story Lorem Ipsum Generator. As you can see I have added a link to the name so you can use it if you like. Got a programming project that needs lorem ipsum? Here ya go.
It randomizes based off thousands of story bits and, if you choose five or more, it will automatically choose a random top and random bottom so the story will at least appear to end appropriately. Other features make it kind of unique as well.
Give it a try if you need such a thing and let us know what you think.

Oh yeah! What about this closing in on the finish b.s.?
We just completed (just before the detour to the Lorem Ipsum Generator) rebuilding the entire site over again in a new location. You might be saying, "why would they do such a thing?" It did seem sort of insane at the time but we were getting to the point were we didn't like the naming conventions we were using and didn't much like the folder layout, and we all knew that as part of the learning process we had created a shitload of files that were no longer going to be used.
We had all of the code and pages built and starting a new folder layout seemed reasonable with some obvious renaming needing to be done in the process which will make all of us very happy. Did it. Came out beautifully and will probably end up with seventy percent less files because of this task.
What we have just done now is strip all of the fake data out again (we will be working off our third generation of fake data). We will be testing with new fresh fake data soon enough. Oops! Already done. Also, we have renamed the old folder system so that any missed relinking will be caught because stuff will break. Now it is testing top to bottom, some reworking of the news pages, vids, some additional security detailing, done.
For those who have been anxiously waiting, we are looking at the end of September. Sorry we're late.

As mentioned above, one thing we have yet to do that we need to get started on is creating some videos showing how the site works, how the game is played, how to use specific tools. This site is much more powerful and interesting than it might appear on the surface.
I have had an opportunity to fool around with Camtasia and will be using this great tool to create what I hope will be interesting videos. Look for some of these in the near future.

And lastly, and most importantly, thanks to everyone who has come to our aid over the past year. We thought this would be much easier than it has turned out to be. Learned a lot over these months and, personally, am pretty pleased with where we have been and where we have come.
This is going to be great fun!
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